What We Save Today Will Shape Tomorrow

Bill Nye once observed, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.” Knowledge is not an exclusive trait even though people often mistake it as such. Perhaps certain kinds of knowledge are “elite,” but Bill Nye is right: everyone knows something you do not. I have read before that true knowledge knows its own … Read moreWhat We Save Today Will Shape Tomorrow

Decisions in Education: Aiming without a Scope

In higher education, and education in general, the wrong people often seem to be making the decisions. Recently, the government has become increasingly involved in higher education. It seems hypocritical for them to make more demands about how higher education should be executed as they continue to cut federal and state funding. The government should regulate … Read moreDecisions in Education: Aiming without a Scope

Recipe for Success: An Antitoxin for the World

While many parents are afforded the opportunity to shield their children from many aspects of the “real” world in childhood and several even into their adult life, my parents chose not to or were unable to do this. Early on in my life my family encountered obstacles that were unavoidable and my parents were powerless … Read moreRecipe for Success: An Antitoxin for the World

Racially Cognizant

In Steve Kolowich’s Article, “White Like You: The Challenge of Getting White Students to Grapple With Racial Identity,” it is stated that white liberals in my generation are the most difficult group to convince that there is inequality within our society. He asserts that those in this group are/were raised to believe that being “colorblind” was … Read moreRacially Cognizant

Higher Education: The Money or The Students?

When critically evaluating a public service it is hard to see past the service itself. Many look at a hospital or other municipal facility like a school and see the services they provide, but do not consider that they are a business as well. The individuals running these facilities must abide by many regulations, make … Read moreHigher Education: The Money or The Students?

Game Changers in Higher Education

Like radio and television in communication or refrigeration and microwaves in the food industry, there have been events and revelations that have changed the American higher education system lastingly and formed it into the bureaucracy the United States knows today. The earliest significant event in creating the American university as it currently is was the … Read moreGame Changers in Higher Education